25 September 2012

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Cheap Holidays in South Africa

Whether you’re from South Africa or interested in seeing this beautiful country, I’ll give you the inside scoop on travelling on a budget, experiencing the local culture and making the most of your time travelling.

South Africa has great weather, a vast amount of cultures and influences from all over the world and we’re always happy to go the extra mile to give tourists an experience they’ll never forget. Unfortunately, tourist hot spots are very expensive and don’t always represent the truly South African way of life. It’s either too lavish and clean-cut or creates a world where African culture is made a tourist attraction rather than an authentic representation of how some of us might be living.

It’s not easy to summarize South African culture or to see it in a single trip because there are so many cultures and diversity is the only thing every town has in common! Therefore it’s wise to settle on one area for a few days at a time. You will learn much more about that place’s way of life and you can really dig below the surface of tourist attractions. The best experiences are usually had when mixing with the locals and doing what they enjoy doing. After all, it’s their town so they know their way around it.

Small towns usually have the stranger characters and fun things to do in nature. Visiting small towns can also save a lot of money. Smaller towns have more affordable accommodation than big cities, the people are usually more eager to talk to the visitors and the cost of living for tourists is less once you’ve figured out where the locals go for food, entertainment and shopping.

If small town living isn’t your thing and you’re looking for more excitement, hook up with a local adventure booking agency that arranges packaged tours in South Africa at discount prices. Ask them to arrange adventures like shark cage diving, mountaineering and boating around your budget. You can see this list of some of the fun activities travelers can look forward to in Cape Town alone.

How have you saved while travelling to South Africa and what can you recommend for other tourists who want to save?


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  3. Wow. I've always wanted to go to Africa. It's such a big contrast to cheap holidays UK. I just hope I can join a safari one of these days.


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