5 November 2012

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Reward yourself with a weekend away

Passport to Paradise
Just like exercise, keeping your mind balanced and eating right, a holiday is very valuable to your over-all well being  It helps us relax and gain a new perspective on life.

Because times are tough, people are taking shorter holiday trips closer to home to save on accommodation and travel costs. Shorter, more frequent trips like these can be better for you as well. It means less stress about transport and time spent making travel arrangements and more time to unwind. It has been proven that short, more frequent holidays are more effective for stress management.

Long weekend trips are very popular and if you are planning on going away for a long weekend, it’s important to book in advance. For popular destinations, booking around three months in advance is usually necessary if your trip falls on a long weekend. To avoid this you can take a Friday or a Monday off work for a long weekend trip without the traffic.

Even when you are aiming to save and cut back on expenses, a reward once in a while can be good for your financial morale. Use a weekend away as motivation to save more or reward yourself for saving when you can afford to go away for a little while. We’re not talking five star accommodation here, because self-catering or camping can be a lot of fun at a fraction of the price.

Although, if you can afford to stay at a hotel, make sure you book in advance to get the best prices and ask about discounts. Sun City give considerable discounts if you book for longer than four days. Their most affordable hotel is the Cabanas Hotel.

Sun City's Cabanas Hotel, South AfricaFebruary isn't a bad time to get away. It’s still in the thick of summer and if you jump now you might discover very exciting holiday spots at good prices that aren't fully booked yet.

I wrote this article on Travel Safety in South Africa. It’s worth reading if you haven’t travelled in South Africa before.

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