13 September 2012

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Deciding on the perfect craft for presents

Homemade presents that your friends or family members will love aren't a figment of your imagination!

The trick is finding something you are good at and then taking inspiration from the person who you want to give the gift to. It’s also useful for Christmas time to find one unisex craft that you can make quite a lot of with variations to suit the person’s style that you’re giving it to. Take inspiration from your friend’s home. Look at what colours or patterns they prefer or where they need something to make their life easier.

A little thought goes a long way to giving great gifts.

Typically crafts that make good gifts are something for someone’s home, car or braai area that they can use. Practicality is important.  When you have a good idea for a present that you believe you can execute you’re already halfway there. You can always practice until it looks right and then you’re set for the whole Christmas season, the next years’ birthdays or your friends’ kitchen teas coming up.

One present shouldn’t take you more than an hour or an hour and a half, or you’re setting yourself up for a lot of frustration in the future! If you’re going to be knitting something and don’t have loads of time on your hands you want to go for something small. Your only limit should be your creativity.

Last Christmas we made mosaic creations for my family. It wasn’t exactly cheap, but it definitely looks a whole deal better than buying a present of the same price. With mosaic you have so many options. We made pot stands, mirrors in heart shaped frames and just the odd pretty thing to hang against a wall. I tried to be practical, but then I started making these hearts moulds and they aren’t exactly a friendly surface for a pot.

The picture was taken while the grouting was still wet.
When it dried I applied a sealant which made it much more shiny
Luckily crafts are very fashionable. Pinterest is a world of inspiration but like the first image warns, you shouldn't take these instructions as they are. They’re usually too vague and you have to do more research to make a success of your project. Get the inspiration on Pinterest and look to blogs and websites dedicated to the craft you've chosen for the how-to.

Young South Africans are struggling financially and the Millennial Generation are often referred to as Generation Debt, which is all the more reason to get in touch with your crafty side from a young age. You can save money by not reaching for that credit card or using a store account while still making your friends and family feel special. There’s this trend among young people not to give gifts, not even to their closest friends. It’s understandable, as time and money is limited, but if you really want to you can make presents or at least cards for your friends and loved ones for special occasions. Showing some love shouldn’t be limited to the off chance that you have a love interest on Valentine’s Day!

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