25 July 2012

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Affording companion animals

When people are struggling financially it is often their pets who get a raw deal. Not that animal abuse and the neglect of pets are only limited to the cash-strapped, not at all, but when people cannot afford their own food or healthcare, the animals they are responsible for suffer as well. Animal clinics charge almost as much as human doctors, which is only fair since vets also study many years and animal medicines are also expensive. Getting a companion animal should therefore not be considered lightly.

I am the first to agree that a dog that is well-fed and loved by people who are not well off is much better off than an abused or homeless dog, but we also have to think what will happen to the animal if things go downhill for the owners or the dog gets sick? Jason Garner, a financial planning coach, says, "We have to understand exactly what our responsibilities are to the health and happiness of that animal and then take the necessary steps to ensure that we can fulfil our obligation without unnecessarily burdening ourselves or being forced to make decisions that cause financial distress."

A dog and cat share a crate
Our local animal welfare is situated near a township and people often bring in their pets that they cannot afford vet bills for when they are sick or get hurt. In these instances they get discounts or the animal gets treated by use of donations from the public. Another thing that happens is that animals that got injured are surrendered and rehomed once they are healed again. Some animals are not so lucky: one dog’s owner brought him in days after he was hit by a car and he had to be put to sleep because his infection was that severe.

It is therefore extremely important that you have a plan in the event that your companion animal needs medical attention. No being deserves to suffer and humans do not have a good reputation when it comes to looking after the animals they choose to share their homes with. You don’t want to be a part of the problem, even if it is because you are over indebted or struggling financially. Be sure to take note of the animal welfares in your area that offer discount services to people who cannot afford vet care or look into medical aid for your pet. You can look here for quotes on health insurance for animals. It can save your furry or feathered friend’s life.

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