20 August 2012

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Gift bags for next-to-nothing

The gift bags you buy in the shops can set you back quite a bit. Or maybe that's just in South Africa. To solve this problem, explore new ways with wrapping paper and make your own gift bags. It looks better than just wrapping a gift and you can save even more if you buy wrapping paper from the R5 store or reuse a poster, a newspaper, a magazine taped together...the possibilities are endless and your final product will be totally unique. If you're like me and like coordinating the wrapping and card to the theme of the gift, this is revolutionary.

I bought a sari in India and the shop put it in a bag like this made from old newspapers. So unique, it was like a souvenir and I used it to "wrap" the kaftan I bought for my aunt. It was very sturdy, they must have folded it over a few times in Step 1!

Head on over to Hello Sandwich for this tutorial! Keep in mind, step 1's instructions go with the picture in the intro. I was confused there for a bit!

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