29 May 2012

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DIY for cleaning, facial cleansing and clothing

In general we spend way too much in the shops on things we already have. You might think you’re making your life easier by buying ten kinds of detergents or five types of face care items, but in reality, we don’t need all those products. The simple truth is that advertising convinces us that we need much more products than we actually do and that only that specific, specialized product can do the job. But will you really notice if your windows were cleaned with vinegar instead of window cleaner? Of course. You won’t smell the fumes while in the process.

Vinegar in a spray bottle can be used to kill weeds
Vinegar can clean windows and kill weeds.
Image by lisaclarke
That’s the other problem with all the cleaners for our homes, bodies, cars, pets, hair, skin, linen…they contain a lot of chemicals. These chemicals had to be made somewhere, there was probably a lot of waste in the process, and it had to be shipped to your nearest shop so you can have chemicals poured down your drain too! It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Not to mention the dangers of nasty pest repellents. Pest repellents might kill one pest, but do you really want toxins or dangerous traps around your home where any man, pet or child can find them?

Non-toxic surface cleaners are available in most shops, but you can also use cheap vodka! It cleans bathrooms in a jiffy and doesn’t leave ugly smears marks on glass and tile. Think about it, it’s cheaper than normal cleaners, doesn’t release headache-inducing fumes while you are cleaning and it’s mostly alcohol so germs don’t stand a chance! Just be sure to hide the bottle when your mother-in-law comes around.

For an all-in-one laundry detergent, your best bet is buying a big amount from a supplier in your area. We have found one from Eco Clean that is suitable for very sensitive skin and you can buy it in different amounts, from small bags to very large ones, and it’s definitely cheaper than in the shops. You have to pay for the advertisement and packaging of these store-bought products, and if you go cheaper, you’re losing out on quality and end up spending more fixing your clothes or irritated skin.

A cheap and easy moth buster
Moths hate Sunlight
To keep those nasty moths out of your cupboards and their teeth away from your jerseys, you can put Sunlight soap in your cupboard. Slice the soap in smaller pieces (not too small) and put it between your folded clothes. For hanging clothes, grab a few sprigs of lavender and rosemary, tie them in an anti-moth bouquet and hang this by a string on your clothes hanger. These sweet smells sure beat that old moth ball smell that can stick to clothes.

If you do have clothes that have been infested with old-school moth balls, wash them with organic cleansers - vodka or vinegar instead of detergent will work a charm – and leave them out to dry and air for a few days sprinkled in bicarbonate of soda. Don’t ask why, but it works. Non-organic products do nothing for that smell.

Olive oil is great for many uses, from the kitchen to skincare
Olive oil can also save
dry skin and hair.
Image by Kevan

Recently I’ve been exploring alternatives to breaking the bank on beauty products that are safe (and not tested on animals). With make-up I’m cool with splurging now and again, but cleansers, toners and moisturizers are a different story. 

What I’ve found to work a charm is the oil cleansing method – I use olive or sunflower oil – rose water for toner and a chain store’s very affordable “earth friendly” brand moisturiser.

Save your well-earned money or pay back that loan and discover a world of home remedies for almost everything! You will be surprized once you start looking. Today I found a recipe to make your own mineral make up – who knew?!

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